Professional Development + Leadership Workshops

A.R.E. Coaching + Mentoring offers professional development workshops that enhance and expand employee skill sets, optimize their productivity, and prepare them for positions of greater influence, opportunity, and leadership.

Attendees will learn to leverage strategic thinking and on-the-ground skills to accomplish short- and long-term goals, and be empowered to achieve greater professional success, recognition, and career advancement.

Our customized client-specific workshops include:

  • What Part of ‘No’ Don’t You Understand?
    Learn how to become more assertive and to say ‘no’ in order to grow.
  • Tongue Tied
    Learn dynamic communication skills and tools for selling yourself.
  • Well, It All Depends…
    Explore situational leadership approaches.
  • Escape the F.A.S.T. Lane
    Learn how to thrive in the midst of time management and work/life balance challenges.
  • You Can’t Make Me!
    Refine your influencing skills to effectively engage others and get things done.
  • Say What??!!
    Enhance your listening skills to hone in on what is most important.
  • Six Degrees of Separation
    It’s not what you know, but WHO you know. Learn to network effectively and leverage connections to navigate your career path.

Consider Our Energy LeadershipTM Program for Your Next
Lunch & Learn

Energy LeadershipTM is the process that develops an effective style of leadership that positively influences you, those you work with, and your organization as a whole. During this one-hour program, you will learn to eliminate resistance and inner blocks, identify the core beliefs that hold you back, and redesign those beliefs to fuel forward progress. You will gain insight into why people operate the way they do, and understand how, by shifting your “energetic lenses of awareness,” you can change how you perceive and respond to situations and better control the outcomes.

Expanding Services through Strategic Alliances

A.R.E. Coaching + Mentoring has formed an alliance with Guttman Development Strategies, Inc.(GDS) to respond to client requests for large scale projects and a broader range of consulting services. GDS is a management consulting firm specializing in building high-performance teams, executive coaching, and strategic and operational alignment. They provide senior-level resources to address a variety of organizational and strategic improvement issues.

Helene took on the role of managing the training and development for a department of 40+ individuals. She created a curriculum tailored specifically to each team member and developed a number of workshops from scratch. She also achieved her goal of getting 80 percent of team members to identify a mentor. Helene’s true passion is to help others achieve their goals in the business world, and she excels at it!

Executive Director Marketing,
Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.,
Parsippany, NJ